Silver Sisterhood is the collaboration of metalsmiths Kathryn Ruffin and Mary Kernahan.  Joining them this season is Lori Brauer.

Drawing our inspirations from many sources, our sterling silver jewelry is handcrafted using traditional metalsmithing and fabrication techniques. Techniques employed include forming, forging, soldering, lost wax and direct casting, chainmaille, Keum boo, and various surface finishing techniques. We strive to focus on contrast, texture, and surface embellishment. With the exception of an occasional purchased finding, everything is made entirely by our own hands. We offer a full range of earrings, necklaces, bracelets (wrist and ankle), pins and rings, and welcome custom orders.

While the majority of our work is executed in sterling silver, other metals may be used either alone or in combination. Those metals may include gold–filled, brass, copper, steel, aluminum or bronze. Many designs incorporate hand set stones or other media such as artisanal or beach glass, pearls, wood, or ceramics. Whenever possible we strive to use elements that are created by other artisans, rather than commercially produced pieces. If the design dictates, stone beads may be employed to achieve the desired effect, but beaded jewelry is NOT our intention.


Handcrafted Quality